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The Technical Explanation

(A talk presented by Lyriel Claire at The Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, DC, on April 28, 2007.)

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Quantum Clearing is an absolutely amazing healing modality that holds extraordinary promise for healing all kinds of things. With Quantum Clearing, a process is activated that addresses your overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all at once.

If you are familiar with the term body-mind connection, you know it is the process whereby what and how you think manifests itself into the physical body. Everyone has heard of "psycho-somatic" reactions. An acquaintance of mine had a heart attack, and her daughter suddenly felt chest pains a week or so later. Of course, when she went to get it checked out, everything was completely normal. That is the thought process being reflected in the body. "Psycho" is the mind, "soma" is the body.

When you have symptoms, they are your body's way of telling you what it doesn't like. They are your body's language telling you to quit doing bad things to it and start doing good things for it. When you have a headache, back pain, inflammation, etc., it is urging you to find the cause and fix it.

More and more we are finding that we need to start paying attention to this mind-body connection so that we can heal ourselves, because only by healing ourselves will we have true and permanent healing. Doctors are highly useful, but they treat only the symptoms — it is what they are trained to do. If patients are cured, it is because they have made a drastic change in their thought process that enables the healing. We now know there is a very real link between disease and retained emotion. Not every negative thought you have leads to illness — just those you won't let go of.

All occurrences in our life are registered in our cells. If these events are traumatic (such as pain, illness, injury, grief, surgery, shock, trauma, etc.) and you don't release them, they can exert a lasting effect on the rest of your life. That's why you often hear people say, "Ever since such-and-such happened, I haven't had a day of peace, comfort, good health, happiness..." and so on. This is the mind-body connection in action.

On the positive side, you hear people affirm that an operation or procedure they need is no cause for alarm because they are sure that everything is going to go well. And it does. That, too, is the mind-body connection.

Our bodies can heal themselves and in fact, they do it all the time. The body reroutes blood vessels, repairs torn muscles, broken bones, and heals cuts in your skin, to name just a few ways it does so.

Our bodies have their own innate intelligence and inborn wisdom to survive and rejuvenate. They are energetic entities composed of gazillions of quanta. The body is a quantum mechanical device and Quantum Clearing heals the body-mind from the Quantum level.

That means from a level which is vibrationally higher than our complicated mind processes. Quantum Clearing involves a shift in the areas of energy information in order to bring about a reconstruction in an idea that has gone wrong. It involves healing one mode of consciousness (the mind) to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness (the body). Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive that you have affects your nervous system through all its organs and tissues via a group of chemicals in the brain called neuropeptides. These are messenger molecules that affect your nervous system based on what you are thinking at the time. In the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" there were several animated sequences showing how these neuropeptides affect parts of the body based on what the person is thinking at the time. Neuropeptides are where thought becomes reality.

The next important point to note is that 90-95% of our thought processes are unconscious! That means that we are aware of ONLY 5-10% of what we are thinking, and it means that we are not aware of almost all of our governing thoughts. And which part do you think affects the neuropeptides? It is the unconscious mind that is the controlling intelligence in the body; it is the connection between the mind and the immune system.

So what we need to do is to get to the unconscious mind and start it thinking in a way that promotes healing rather than illness. And this is what Quantum Clearing does. "Quantum Clearing" is a term I found that seems to adequately express the process involved. The teacher I studied with calls the process "Medical Intuition" but I feel that it goes beyond this, so I've decided to call what I do "Quantum Clearing." (There is also another modality called "Quantum Healing", which is a hands-on healing that channels Universal energy through to effect healing.)

Quantum Clearing is a process that will turn your rational thought processes upside- down. It's the only process I know of that fixes BOTH the physical and the mental aspects of an illness, and doesn't just patch the body up. And it doesn't require any "special gifts." There are so many healers that seem to have extraordinary powers, or who can see energy, or have their own way of healing auras or of manipulating the Quantum fields. That has always stopped me in my tracks, because I know that their way of healing has come to them for some special reason and I don't feel I have access to it. I didn't receive Quantum Clearing after some transcendental, life-changing event or because I can do something no one else can do. I simply went to classes and learned it because I wanted to.

I do not see energy, I do not see anything non-physical, I was not born with medical intuition by any stretch of the imagination. Everything I have is totally "ordinary." Yet, I can do this healing and have amazing results, and it was not all that hard to learn. In fact, it is so simple that you scratch your head wondering, "How is it that I am doing this??!!" Through Quantum Clearing, the miraculous suddenly is ordinary. That alone can really shake up your belief system.

The complete training took just over a year because of the way the classes were scheduled. I took a weekend of training approximately every two months, and there were 6 levels to certification. Between training classes, I tried my best to absorb the information that was taught because what I was hearing was so astonishing and hard to assimilate. For example, during the second level, we all learned to repair knees. That is, we repaired the ACL, we removed arthritis, we replaced the meniscus, fixed and adjusted ligaments – all in about 20 minutes. During the 3rd level, we learned to REPAIR nerves (those things that doctors say cannot be repaired) and backs (disk repair). We also learned that the BRAIN can regrow, so people who have had part of the brain removed because of tumors or who have had strokes, can, indeed, recover what was lost. (Of course, if you're going to be repairing your brain, it is going to take some time because it is extremely complicated, but it can be done.) Knees are simpler. They are usually better in about 3 weeks. We learned that we can repair anything and everything and with a lot less fuss than the medical establishment. All by focusing our thoughts with a specific process.

Explaining the term “Quantum”

What exactly does Quantum mean? We've all heard of Quantum physics. This is not the time or place for a discussion of that, but you do need to know what a "quantum" is, A quantum is the basic unit of matter and energy. It is 10 million to 100 million times smaller than an atom. This is the level where matter and energy become interchangeable. And this is where the work is done.

All quanta (the plural of quantum) are vibrations waiting to take physical form. At this point they are called quantum fluctuations.

By your thoughts they coalesce into impulses of energy and particles of matter. Then they take form in the physical.

How Quantum becomes Physical

The high vibrational level of quantum can go to the root cause of your illness because it gets to the vibrations before they become manifested into the physical, or, if you have already brought the physical ailment into being, it can still go in and remove it from your energetic vibrations which then enables your healing.

Quantum vibrates at 220K cps
Healing vibrates at 120K – 180K cps
Illness vibrates at 10K cycles per second

The higher vibration enables healing, because anything you bring to a higher vibration takes on the aspect of that vibration. It takes healing a little time to get down here, but it will shift things dramatically when it does.

You could compare Quantum Clearing to dandelion removal. If you have a dandelion in your lawn, you can go out there and yank it out or cut it off at the lawn's surface, but unless ALL the roots are removed, the dandelion will grow back even more aggressively. This is traditional medicine. It accesses the physical fields of the body. Healing from this point is good, but it often leaves aspects or roots behind that show themselves again and again as illness, accidents, or thought processes that hinder us.

Quantum Clearing goes to the place of origin (somewhere down deep there is a little seed that started it all), quickly and completely removing all roots and tentacles. It clears the consciousness as though the problem never existed. It will go back through all your past lives and remove everything that caused your ailment. It addresses the WHOLE PERSON and deals with negative emotional memories and other trapped emotion in your body. It helps release the emotion that is at the root of illness.

By removing that “seed thought" your capacity to be well is infinitely transformed. If you don't get to and remove the seed thought, the illness will come back again and again. How many of you have had a sinus infection return again and again and again? Quantum Clearing is about physical manifestations of illness and about a core-level shift in your being. It can and does help you enter a new phase of life: to become well and stay well through the mind, body, and spirit.

How does healing happen?

Healing can manifest in several ways:
• as an actual physical cure
• as a shift in the quality of life
• by coming to terms with one’s situation (when it’s karmically necessary for you to go through the pain and suffering to learn a soul lesson).

At the high vibrational level of Quantum, virtually anything can be healed, from physical problems such as knees, backs, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, allergies, cancer; to mental and emotional issues such as anger, control, low self-esteem. Even those things that medical science has no treatment or cure for can be healed with it. One of the best things about Quantum Clearing is that it is especially helpful for releasing destructive thoughts, feelings, fears, and emotions. It clears out your old energy patterns and replaces them with new, affirming, positive thoughts that will empower you rather than drag you down.

For example, if you have serious feelings of insecurity or anger or the need to control everything around you, then Quantum Clearing will go into your seven energy fields and clear out every vestige of that thought process to the point where you don't even have access to it. It even gets to all the past lives that you've carried it, and it clears your karmic field as well.

It works in a slightly unusual way. While it MAY work in just a couple of days, the more likely scenario is this: Let's say you are working on ridding yourself of insecurity. A couple of weeks go by. One day you come up against a situation that normally would throw you into a bout of insecurity, and you suddenly realize that it doesn't make you feel as insecure as it used to. The next time you feel even more secure, and eventually – after a month or so – you will be able to accept that situation into your reality and not have the slightest pang of insecurity about it. I ran this on myself for control. I wasn't sure it was moving itself out, but then when I had a house guest who was making the salad for dinner, I found myself thinking I should tell her how to cut the carrots, but in the next instant I realized I didn't have to. She could cut the carrots just fine on her own. I closed my mouth and turned back to my own task, feeling not the least uncomfortable with having given up that control. Now, as more situations come up in which I used to need to exert a lot of control, I happily let them go and feel only a great release.

One client wanted to rid herself of a fear of rejection. About a month later, she found she wasn't even thinking anymore about rejection. And the especially great thing about this process is that as you begin ridding yourself of these thought processes that no longer serve you, you begin to feel better and better about yourself. And as you feel better about yourself, you start to radiate that out and people respond to you more positively. It's a completely win- win situation. Just about all that you need to do is to be open to it and allow it in.

When I run the process for a client, it is for an issue that needs to be released. The emotion you are releasing is going to leave a large void. Since Nature (the Universe) abhors a vacuum, that void needs to be replaced with something positive. After the issue has been released, I fill that space with positive affirmations. At the end of the session, I give you these affirmations so you can hasten the healing process and help retrain your subconscious. This involves you as a co-healer and gives you some responsibility for your healing. If you are working with a doctor, you need to continue to work with him/her at the same time as you are having Quantum run for you. Quantum work will enhance your healing.

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