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How Quantum Clearing helped me

  • Lyriel helped me to free my mind of negativity and preconceptions, so that positive energy (including people) could enter.

  • Because I had just involuntarily returned to the US after a long and happy stay abroad, my spirit was very heavy and confused. It's hard to describe, but Lyriel helped me to let go of the pain (or at least, neutralize it) of this experience.

  • In December of 2009, I received a cancer diagnosis, which since then has been successfully treated and cured (July 2010). Lyriel very gently helped me to understand that my spiritual health was every bit as necessary to curing the cancer as my physical treatment. The spiritual health curing was a lot more gentle!

  • Whatever we believe in, be it prayer to a deity, conversations with our spiritual guides, meditation, yoga and all the other ways to be spiritual, Lyriel was able to help me direct my spiritual energies to soothe my soul and help heal my body. I don't understand it, but she does, and she's excellent at it.

  • My experiences with Lyriel felt as if she was the chiropractor of my soul. Each time I work with her, I leave feeling cleansed, balanced and restored.

  • Overcoming a cancer diagnosis can involve surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other physical processes, which are toxic, painful, leave scars and can be frightening. Lyriel helped me to understand that cancer is an outward sign of inner dis-ease, and that I can be my own healer, to a degree. She helped me to relax, let go of fear and let the spiritual healing help my body's healing.

  • We can choose to lead contented, healthy lives, or we can choose lots of negative things, too (aggression, conflict, drama, unkindness, crime, and the list goes on). Lyriel is very good at directing one's energies to the positive path, for lack of a better way to put this.

  • There is so much help available to us, as we go through life, but we too often are too busy to know that the help is there. Lyriel helped me to understand how this help works, and how to let it into my life. An example of mine is that last week, I realized how dire my financial situation again was (I've been unemployed since the December 2009 cancer diagnosis, and despite having looked for jobs since the summer, nothing has come through). I released this need to God and all positive forces. Literally, within two days I had work with an old colleague, which will tide me over for a while.

  • So, living well is not just the "power of positive thinking". With Lyriel's guidance and insights, I have been able (for the first time in my life) to let go of old, negative thoughts and behavior, which is my "dis-ease". Part of this is awareness, part is (I guess) maturity, but I couldn't have done it without Lyriel's gentle help. I highly recommend her!

    September 2010
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