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Client comments

"I see life in a new way through my continuing work with Lyriel. I used to see life as a road full of roadblocks that had to be overcome. With every session, life looks clearer, brighter, and more rewarding. Some sessions unfold quietly, some with profound immediate results, but the overall result is progress I've always wanted, happening much more quickly than I thought possible."

“Lyriel and I have worked with quantum healing, theta healing and energy work. The energy work helps to clear out negative emotions such as fear and doubt that served no purpose other than to hold me back from developing my true potential. The quantum and theta healing helps me create new energy that is positive and limitless. These healing modalities also help me recognize my core values, my uniqueness, and my connection to the creator. I am very grateful for the guidance and support I have received through her healing work.”

"Thanks so much for the healing touch on Sunday. Indeed I could feel some healing energy ... pretty dramatic at that point. I'm doing much better -- my doctor is very pleased and somewhat surprised at how well things are going." (client who broke a shoulder)

“I found the Quantum Healing process most helpful in forcing me to confront the deeper issues underlying the physical problem. Even though the physical healing began at once, it was releasing the negative energy causing the problem that ultimately enabled complete healing to take place. Ridding myself of these fears, doubts and resentments made it possible for me to change behaviors that also contributed to my healing.” (a client with a knee problem)

“There has been significant improvement: less stiffness, less pain, and greater mobility. I consider the process successful. Bottom line: it works!” (client who was born with a fused vertebra)

“I have been trying to find the words to describe what the Quantum work has done for me and the changes that have taken place silently. But the results speak volumes. It's like taking vitamins for your soul. You don't realize the changes are taking place until you are in a situation and notice you are not responding in your "usual" fashion. All of a sudden you are coming from a different place, you are seeing things differently and there is a knowingness that yes, you can do that — versus all the hesitation or fear. I recommend Quantum to anyone who has issues both emotional or physical that need to be addressed and healed from the inside first.” (client who needed help overcoming negative thought patterns)

“Thanks for a magnificent treatment.  I went on a series of small errands after I left your house, and found myself feeling better and stronger with each footstep to the point that I extended myself beyond the norm, feeling grander than I have in a long time.  The spleen chakra was especially turbulent but eased as I went through the list of errands, and I am grateful for the cleansing I feel. Know that you are a gifted healer, and that I am a tough but willing subject.” (client in the process of ridding herself of physical and mental issues.)  

“The energy work from last week's session connecting my two lower chakras has made such a difference in how I feel! It feels like a hole has been filled and energy restored. I feel like a whole person for what seems like the first time in my life! Thank you so much!”



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