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Lyriel Claire

Hello -

Thanks for visiting my website. You landed here because of some interest in being healed, perhaps because traditional methods have not worked for you.

My name is Lyriel Claire. I am first and foremost an energy healer, and what I do is rather unique. After many years of studying different modalities, I have now integrated all of them to give my clients the very best they can possibly receive.

I have discovered that I have the ability to bring very real healing to people at the deepest and highest levels by transferring very high frequency energy to parts of the body that are not functioning as well as they should. This high frequency begins to transform the lower, denser frequency of pains and ailments, and can bring about healing, often immediately.

Additionally, I ask the body (using one of those techniques I’ve learned) what is causing the distress. The biggest cause is what is called trapped emotions that get lodged in the subconscious. Since they are in the subconscious, we don’t even necessarily know they are there! It is commonly thought that we have access to only 10% of our thoughts, while our subconscious, which is inaccessible, has the other 90%. The kicker is that it is the subconscious that runs our lives. But once the negative emotions are removed, the body is free to heal. (Clients often are able to breathe easily and freely afterwards and remark that they are freer from the incessant negative chatter that goes on in their heads.) This is healing on the causal level. The medical profession treats your symptoms; Quantum Clearing goes to the root cause of your issue.

When you come in for a session, I first talk to you and find out what it is you would like help on — aches, pains, dis-ease, past traumas (deaths, accidents, abuse, etc.), addictions, or difficult emotions such as low self-esteem, anger, despair...any ailment or emotion is fair game. They are then rooted out and you are left feeling lighter and clearer. Meanwhile, your physical body receives the high frequency of healing, in effect, re-teaching the malfunctioning body part how to function normally again.

Here are some of the things I do during a session:

  • Healing touch — Just holding my hands on the areas that are troubling you raises their frequency to assist your body to heal.
  • Energetic clearing and balancing — cleaning out stagnant energy and refreshing your aura and chakras
  • Removal of emotions and feelings that don’t serve you
  • Release of past traumas
  • Elimination of mental blocks
  • Psychic surgery

All this healing takes place at the highest spiritual level. I am a spiritual healer and work in partnership with the Divine Creator. Clients often feel the presence of higher beings participating in the healing: angels, archangels, ascended masters, saints, Jesus, Mother Mary, guides, loved ones. These spirits come in response to the request for healing. It is as simple as that! To receive healing, you do not need to believe any of that, but you do need to believe that healing is possible. Then let go and let yourself receive healing. You will feel as if you are being held by the Universe in unconditional love. What’s better than that?


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