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Lyriel Claire is an established intuitive and energy healer. For a number of years, she was affiliated with the Institute for Spiritual Development in Washington, DC, and with Sacred Circle Books in Alexandria, Virginia. She gives intuitive and psychic consultations on a regular basis, has taught psychic development classes, and participated in regional Psychic Fairs. She taught classes on a wide range of metaphysical subjects at various locations throughout the greater Washington, DC, area. Her psychic/intuitive readings put you in touch with the Guidance Forces that surround you to assist you in finding clarity in almost any situation or circumstance. It can help you see life patterns that work toward the realization of your highest potentials.

Before deciding on this career path, Lyriel was Director of the Music Ministry at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Virginia for over 20 years, which gives her a unique perspective and insight into the issues that affect people in their daily lives. She offers Empowerment Readings, Channeled Readings, and Tarot.

Lyriel is also an energy and vibration healer, using Quantum Clearing, Theta Healing, and healing touch to bring about changes in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

In 2018 she relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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