Rainbow Path by Carlos Arturo Smith


Intuitive Guidance

with Lyriel Claire


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Client Comments

“What you shared with me was truly inspirational and your vibe is wonderful to bask in. Thank you for confirming what my higher self has been telling me. Sometimes I need to have my intuitive insights validated by an external source. I hope to transcend that need one day and be as open to Spirit as you are.”

“I am sending [this] to you with gratitude for being instrumental in guiding me and allowing me to stay on track of my truth, showing me that it’s safe to travel along our spiritual paths, regardless of doubts or other people’s opinion. You make is so natural and safe to be in that magnificent space of truth and light, and I want to thank you for that gift from the deepest part of my being.”

“I would like to thank you for a really helpful reading and your compassionate insights.”

“The info you gave me is very helpful for my journey."

“...helped me find immense peace and clarity around some particularly troubling issues.”

“...very gently showed me how I could implement changes in my life.”

“...helped me define and use affirmations that revealed the spiritual guidance that is available to me.”

“Her gentle guidance and clarity opened my heart to the healing voice of my inner spirit.”

“...gave me the key for greater understanding into my long-term problem of temper flares. She provided me with a clear view of how I set myself up for them and what I can do to modify that. I now feel empowered in this new creative approach rather than resigned to perpetual replays.”

“Whenever I try some of the good advice, it seems to work almost every time.”

“I really was overwhelmed and overjoyed with Lyriel's reading...I am excited to feel that I am doing something that will have a lasting and positive impact.”

“I count the session with her as a major turning point in my life.”

“Lyriel's readings have opened the door to a deeper understanding of the questions I've been asking myself.  Her readings have stimulated me to proceed with what I'm doing but with a new sense of purpose and excitement by revealing important elements that were hidden to me before.”

“Thank you so much for your guidance and help. I thought about your words first thing this morning. I'm thankful for this time of learning, discovering and exploration on this new path of life! I really felt uplifted and affirmed!”

“Even though I haven't kept in touch, please know that I have followed your 'principles' over the past couple of years and now live a life filled with much more intention than ever. In return, as you might have guessed, I have received dividends in return. It's a positive feeling, and I've thought of you often along the journey.”


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