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Intuitive Guidance

with Lyriel Claire


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What Is Intuitive Guidance?

Intuitive Guidance is not therapy, psychiatry, or psychology. A consultation engages you and the intuitive in a cooperative effort for your benefit, putting you in touch with the guidance forces that surround you to assist you in finding clarity in almost any situation or circumstance. It can help you see life patterns that work toward the realization of your highest potentials. Ms. Claire does not make decisions for you, but helps reorient you and explores why certain things are happening in your life.

The consultation is to empower you. You are presented information to help you discover new choices or solutions, or new ways of thinking about an issue, concern, or situation.

Anything discussed during a session is absolutely confidential. No records are kept — the information you receive is strictly your own.   Your consultant is only interested in helping you make the most of your life.

How it can help you

Do you find it hard to talk about serious issues?

Do you sense that you could get more out of spirituality? out of life?

Have you found it hard to accept some of the teachings of traditional religions?

Do you have a sense that you are being led in areas you do not understand?

Are you seeking the “why?”

Does your life feel out of control?

Do you face emotional, spiritual, physical challenges of:

– illness?
– relationship?
– loss?
– work?
– life issues?

A session will help you

  • get directly to the heart of the matter without tests, questionnaires, or analyses.

  • become “unstuck” if you are at an impasse in your life.

  • restore balance to your life.

  • uncover attitudes that may be creating difficulties in your life and suggest ways to overcome them.

  • receive clarity on life issues.

  • shed light on decisions about which you may be uncertain.

  • connect to your Spirit Guides and Guidance Forces.



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